"This author is the real deal, and so is this book!"

This book is a good read that answers the question that most people have...

"If you are at a place in life with questions, this book is for you." - Tanya W.  

This book should be in the hands of every person who wants to recreate their life. It gives practical and sound guidance on how to experience the life that supports your Highest Self. This body of work is really a step-by-step instructional guide that will lead you down a path of balance, joy and peace and will show you how to successfully create and achieve your greatest life.

Do you sometimes feel so lost and confused in your life that you question who the hell you are and why the hell you're here?  

You are not alone... Millions of people all over the world have had this exact thought process.  

You know why?  

This process of thought is divinely designed to propel you to go within and discover who you truly are. You cannot effectively and powerfully show up in your life if you question who you are, and, worse yet, don't KNOW who you are. 

But the good news is... The Universe wants you to have the answers to these questions!  

The unfortunate thing is most people give so much focus to the hell in their life that they don't give themselves the opportunity to connect to the Kingdom of heaven within. 

And can I be really honest with you...  

We create both realities, heaven and hell, and it all begins in the way that we think.  

I learned this truth over 20 years ago and the last twenty years of my life have been completely different compared to the first thirty years. My Passion and desire for everybody to have this information led me, through a higher calling, to write Who in the Hell do You THINK You Are.  

And I want you to know not only HOW you can create heaven in the presence of what might look like hell but I want you to have the necessary tools in your hand to discover who you are and connect to the power within you.

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"Denika opens your eyes and helps you to see the whole picture. Making change starts with what you think. This book is an easy read and Denika will definitely open your eyes. She's a very talented and insightful life coach. It's as if she can read your mind. I highly recommend this book and Denika's coaching to improve your life."

Crystal Harned, Amazon reviewer

"Denika Carothers creates a soulful and deep look at what we are, how we think, how we take on life. Sometimes provocative and edgy, but always with a touch of love thrown in. The last chapter is an explosive ending, like a finale of fireworks. The chapter itself could be the basis for workshops or additional programs. It's possible the last chapter is opening for book number 2? Great, thought provoking reading."

Carl Loop, Amazon reviewer

"Who in the hell do you Think you are?" Is a powerful question or is it a statement? Denika Penn-Carothers premier publication leaves you questioning many facets of your life and pure existence. Her ability to soothe the spirit with a little bit of warmth and a pinch of tough love will certainly elicit a positive change in the way to walk, talk, think and behave. In addition to her gift of warming the spirit, Denika Penn-Carothers exudes a caring personality, a beautiful smile and someone I am glad to have met! Purchase the book...she will change your life!! Congratulations Denika!!! Much Success to You!!!."

Jolie Hardeman, Amazon reviewer

"Who In The Hell Do You Think You Are, gives me access to removing all that layers my soul, a guide to really deeply see myself for who I am, and my inspired plan for this awesome journey, we call life. Who In The Hell Do You Think You Are, gives solid answers and examples for beginning and sustaining your spiritual growth, while living with these distractions, eventually creating a positive habit of designing the life you desire. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and Who In The Hell Do You Think You Are, guides you into identifying your souls purpose and living fully expressed in it."

Mena Love, Amazon reviewer

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