The portal to Divine guidance is open and accessible to you...

You now have access to create and live the Magically Blessed Life of Abundance, Success and Joy you've always desired.

Release stress and your deepest fears, raise your abundance vibration & effortlessly manifest the life you deserve - NOW.

Have you ever seen those people who seem to have it all?

You know who I'm talkin' about...  

Those people who seem to have their entire life together and float through without a fear in the world, almost as if they had super powers or something that you don't have...  

Some unseen force guiding them and directing them in their life.  

No, I'm not talking about the "social media fabricated" person who you secretly know is hiding dysfunction under layers of fake. 

I'm talking about true, genuinely happy, fulfilled, abundant, living their best life kind of people.  

The ones who wake up every day happy and grateful to be alive, with the perfect job/career, a positive outlook on life, great friends, happy relationships, smiling children, overflowing confidence and a bank account to match.  


No Matter How Hard You Try To Experience This Kind of Carefree Life, Even For Just One Day, You're Still Struggling.

You may have tried positive thinking, affirmations, goal-setting, visualization, mindfulness, subconscious clearing, energy healing, and meditating only to experience that the feel-good results last only for a short time, and then fade away... 

And then you find yourself, right back at square one without proof to show your efforts. As a result, you...  

  • Feel stressed out...
  • Continue to work way too much and have pretty much accepted that you'll never taste the sweet fruits of your labor...
  • Feel rather uncomfortable anytime someone talks about money, their success or your money and success...
  • Feel uninspired, unmotivated, uncreative, and overlooked by the Universe or the "Powers That Be"...
  • Are frustrated, discouraged, exhausted, burnt out, and ready to toss in the towel when it comes to this whole "manifesting business"...
  • Experience a feeling of guilt or shame around your career or how much money you earn...
  • And are tired of seeing everyone around you achieve success, while you feel you're losing out.

But don't let this shake you...  

While I know this pain feels very real, and very personal... it is not your fault.  

The truth is...

Rejection and Abandonment Issues, and the Fear of Failure, Has Kept You In the Shadows, Afraid to Step Into Your Light...

Holding you back from ever realizing your true potential or creating the life of your dreams.  

So what do you do when your fear restricts you? What is the secret that those happy, carefree people somehow discovered along the way? How do you find the light?  

I'm going to share it with you in just a moment, but before I do, you must promise to not beat yourself up over it, because it is so painfully simple...  

It just hasn't been all that obvious...  

You see, for decades, Law of Attraction experts and gurus have told you that in order to manifest what you want, you must intently focus on it. Dream it, live it, breathe it... and WANT it, bad enough.  

Now, I'm not saying that this is a bunch of nonsense, because you do need to know where you're going in order to get there...  

But, the one thing all powerful manifestors know (and the single biggest reason most people spend their whole lives NOT getting what they want) is this...

Most People Focus with FEAR as a Motivator

That's right, most people focus from a place of fearing what is lacking, and are motivated to want what they don't have. 

The more you want something, with a subconscious acknowledgement that you DON'T HAVE IT, your focus tends to carry with it the fear of not getting it.  

And if you're "used to NOT getting what you want", which shows up as the energy of rejection, there is an underlying disbelief that having it is even possible.

Positive thinking, with a subconscious attachment to rejection, carries an inherent vibration of lack and doubt and creates a polarizing contrast in the Universe that will stop you from ever getting what you truly want. On a subconscious level, as a result of rejection, you question whether you deserve it. This doubt carries with it the energy of impossibility. Most often you are not even aware of this energy.

So while you think you are following all the rules from the manifesting playbook with your affirmations, positive thinking, visualizations, etc, when you think and focus too intensely on what you want in your life, from a place of NOT having it, or being unworthy of it, you're subconsciously repelling it with the fear of not receiving it.  

The Law of Attraction allows for us to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on, consciously and subconsciously. If rejection and fear operate in your subconscious, you will attract to yourself the thing that you are afraid of rather than the thing you desire to have. 

To make matters worse, the emotion of fear carries one of the heaviest, lowest vibrations that will consume any of the positive energy you're trying to cultivate and attract. 

This law uses the power of the conscious and subconscious mind to translate whatever is in your thoughts and materialize it into reality. In basic terms, all thoughts turn into things eventually. If you focus on negative doom and gloom you will remain under that cloud. If you focus on positive thoughts and have goals that you aim to achieve, you will find a way to achieve them with massive action.  

Focusing on fear brings you manifestation in reverse... you manifest the thing you don't REALLY want.

But don't abandon all hope just yet. You didn't think I'd give you the doom and gloom without the hope and glory did you? 

This is why the Universe is such an infinitely beautiful place. The Law of Attraction dictates that whatever can be imagined and held in the mind’s eye is achievable if you take action on a plan to get to where you want to be.

Remember: Abundance is your BIRTHRIGHT. So there's really no need to focus so hard on getting it.  

The trick to effortlessly manifesting your true heart's desire, and calling in the universal rewards you so deeply deserve, is to shift to a state of ALLOWANCE.  

You're in a dark room and you can't see where you're going but you know that there's a light switch somewhere.

Do you close your eyes, clench your fists, and try with all your manifesting might to turn the light on?  

Or do you simply make your way towards the door, open it and allow light to flood into the room. 

As we overcome fear, and defeat our internal faulty beliefs, we recalibrate our entire mindset toward advancement and shift those beliefs. We believe that we can progress, through action, to access, in the NOW, the abundant, fulfilling, success that we desire in our life.

When we tap into, and live by, these beliefs then we shall create a life of happiness and possibility that is undreamed of by the reluctant masses. 

This is a completely different approach to manifesting and about 10x easier than anything you've done up until now.  

Abundance, just like light, fills empty, dark places naturally and effortlessly. All you need to do is let it in by raising your energetic vibration to a level where the heaviness of fear cannot exist.  

How? I'm glad you asked!

Banish Fear and Limiting Beliefs so you can Manifest Your Heart's Desire As You Awaken to Your Divine Power.

When you fully awaken to your Divine Feminine you are able to transmute fear into love and abundance by vibrating at a higher frequency. Awakening to your Divine Feminine gives you greater access to the spiritual realm where you have beings of light waiting to offer Divine guidance to you.

When you allow your Divine support team to assist you, you will become aligned and connected with the positive, powerful energy of the Universe and naturally attract your heart's desire without the fear.  

So, rather than repel that which you desire, you will be able to call it in as quickly as light vanquishes the shadows.  

Through her Divine Feminine Awakening programs, Denika Carothers has been able to equip thousands of women with the powerful processes and tools needed to elevate their vibration and welcome in abundance. As a result, women worldwide have seen an immediate improvement in their life circumstances. And she wants to make this available to you today...

Walking in PowHER & Purpose: 21 Days to Creating an Abundant Life on Purpose


Your life should not be hit or miss...

Your birthright is Power, Love, Abundance and Success and you should not be settling for anything less!

Over the next 28 days, Denika is personally inviting you to join her on a powerful journey of divine healing and transformation as you connect to the Power within you. Each day you’ll receive a 10-15 minute guided intention audio from Denika, delivered to your inbox. Simply download it to your smartphone, computer, or any mp3 device and listen to it as often as you'd like throughout the day (we recommend once in the morning or once in the evening before bed). Then watch as your limiting fears fall away, negative emotions transmute into pure light, and an effortless state of PowHER and abundance emerges.

Living Life PowHERfully On Purpose and WITH Purpose

Learn to align yourself with your Divinity as you walk in PowHER, love and light... 


Negative life experiences can create negative subconscious programming. To experience power outside of yourself you need to transform the limiting belief systems that are creating obstacles to attracting success, abundance and joy in your life. During week 1, Denika will help you to identify the root of your "stinking thinking", so that you can vibrate from a place of power and positivity.


There is a Divine principle for manifesting PowHER and abundance. During week 2, you will learn how to channel your energy positively, and powerfully, as you release everything that no longer supports your purpose and potential. As you release these obstacles Denika will help you connect to the PowHER within and manifest intentionally, rather than in default.


When you begin to understand that you have the power to design your life, you no longer accept the chips falling as they may. You learn how to place the chips strategically, and intentionally, so that they fall where you want them to. During week 3, Denika will show you how to set your own intentions with regards to what you want to experience in your life, while helping you connect to the creative power that fulfills all of your needs... for love, success, health, prosperity and abundance.


You know that your life is not an accident or a coincidence. You know that you have a purpose for being here and are ready to step into that purpose. Connecting to your Higher Self requires that you authentically embrace your Divine essence. When you operate from a place that is not a reflection of your Higher Self you end up living a confused and unhappy life. During week 4, Denika will show you how to discover your true essence, live as your authentic self and walk in your Divine Feminine PowHER every day.

When You Turn On A Light, How Long Does It Take To Fill The Room?

Not only will you learn how to create opportunities for abundance in your financial life, but you’ll feel richer in ALL areas of your life including love, relationships, health, creativity and joy. Just take a look at how the lives of these PowHERful Divine Feminine beings changed after working with the Divine Feminine Awakening...

Vernetta Freeney

"The title I give her is Life Changer. Just going through her coaching program changed my life. It woke me up to a lot of things I was holding in, a lot of things I was repressing. Through her coaching program I learned how to untangle myself and not even two weeks after I finished her coaching program I ended up being able to work with Cirque du Soleil and In my mind she's a life changer."

Results are not typical, individual results may vary.

Kelly Matthews

 "I am so thankful for Denika coming into my life at the right time. You are my angel from heaven. You are showing me a way I never thought possible. I know now I am on the right path of my life's purpose."

Results are not typical, individual results may vary.

Charity Selvey

"Denika's program was so transformational for me. I had a breakthrough the very first session... the layers were just pulled back. She is in tune, insightful and a spiritual breath of fresh air. If you're ready to step into your purpose and get some guidance on that, and support in attaining your goals, she's definitely the person to help you."

Results are not typical, individual results may vary.

Shon Williams

“Denika is more than just a 5 STAR RATING!!! She continues to come highly recommended and I concur with the UNIVERSE!!!!!! This phenomenal being will help you define who you are and your purpose. She is positive energy that is very exuberant and her presence is definitely felt whether it’s a one to one or a group of individuals she is engaging with. Even when you feel you don’t have a purpose in life, a passion, gifts, or talents, she is able to help you find your true meaning of self, and help you to LIVE in your purpose and even ignite what already exists in you. She helps you see your greatness.”  

Results are not typical, individual results may vary. 

Anne Willey

"I reached out to Denika recently to help me with a personal struggle. Denika listens without judgement and has great insight. The questions she asks are intuitive and are directed in a way that helps put the answers into your own hands. Her encouragement to look deeper into the feelings inside me has helped to bring about transformation. Acknowledging that something needs to change is the first step to healing I believe. Denika has truly embraced her calling and has a divine way of connecting with people. She can help anyone to embrace their true self and to, as she puts it, "walk in their own power" with greater purpose and intent in their life. Much Love for You Denika!!"

Results are not typical, individual results may vary.

Kanisha Frazier

"Denika is a bright, glowing light. She is your light until you have enough courage to shine brightly for yourself. Her belief in you and what you’re capable of, along with holding you accountable and expecting your best keeps you coming back every time. I am changed because of her. Denika taught me how to change my negative thoughts, my reactions to others, my negative beliefs, how to own my truths, and how to use my voice to serve others. She sees you when you find it hard to see yourself. I found her on google and the correct words are really that I was drawn to her from the very beginning. When you meet her, you’ll know why. Don’t delay, allow her to help you open your heart and soul to your light."

Results are not typical, individual results may vary.

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About Me  

I am Denika Carothers, Creator of Reclaim Your Divine Feminine PowHER, Master Intuitive, Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Healer, Womb Energy Specialist and PowHERful Manifesting Expert. I work with amazing, talented and purpose-filled women helping them to tap into the PowHER within, connect to their Divine purpose and understand their Divine nature.  

Rejection, abandonment, doubt, worry, low self-worth and insecurities are all by-products of fear. I will show you how to transform the pain of your past, and use fear as a strength rather than allow it to debilitate and restrict you.  

My clients become PowHERful Awakened Women. Through my Divine Feminine Awakening courses and programs, I have helped women worldwide unleash their Divine Feminine PowHER, walk in Purpose and effectively manifest and create their desires... loving, connected relationships, more money, freedom, success... anything.  

I will support you as I guide you out of your pain and disappointment, into your PowHer Place. If transformation and transcendence is what you desire, then you are in the rigjht place!