Unlocking Your Relationship Code

Your emotional vibration sets the tone and foundation of your relationships... ALL OF THEM!

Identify your emotional code and tap into your inner power to create healthy, loving and successful relationships.

Many years ago I had a painful yet powerful awareness as it pertains to relationships and that was...  

Everything that is broken cannot be fixed.  

I stayed in relationships -- friendships, intimate, business -- that did not bring me joy, peace, fulfillment or power. I also learned that some relationships that I ran away from, had I paused rather than panicked I could have created something beautiful. 

Your relationships are a reflection and an aspect of you... 

They serve to teach, test, strengthen and bring out the best and/or worst in your... ALL of your relationships. The truth is the foundation of who we all are is relationships. Relationships show up in every area of our lives (whether we want them to or not), and are an extremely important part of our life journey. In truth, we can't do life without having relationship experiences...  

  • Intimate
  • Friendships
  • Parental
  • Business
  • Social
  • Casual
  • Personal
  • Professional  

  And in life, this awareness really applies to much more than relationships. At some point in life you come to recognize how important your relationships are to you. You can't do life without doing relationships.  

And hey I know... some relationships we would rather do without right? Been there... done that... still feel that at times! And often we try to fix, hold on to, and raise up from the dead, situations, circumstances and relationships that the Universe/God/Spirit is trying to protect us from, by shutting it down. 

Some of your relationships are causing you more heartache than joy, more pain than pleasure, more stress than security, and more tears than laughter. But these types of relationships are dysfunctional, simply meaning they are disconnected from functioning optimally.  

And though these kinds of relationships bring no fulfillment, no amazing, no feelings of connection and no power to you... they can bring power FOR you when you understand their purpose.  

Truthfully these relationships are the most powerful relationships. Why???  

Because they teach you about yourself.  

Your relationships serve to teach, test, strengthen and bring out the best/and or worst in you. They give you the opportunity, once it's not working on the outside, to look deep within to identify "what the hell is going on?"  

If you are finding that you ask this question often as it pertains to your relationship experiences or your life experiences in general, then maybe it's time for you to stop trying to discover what's wrong outside of you and seek your answers in the place where the answers reside... WITHIN.

You currently have an emotional code and a vibrational imprint for your relationship creation and both of these were created for you before the age of seven years old.

Sound crazy?? 

Your first experience of relationship was created before you were even born, and you had no say in the matter and your understanding and thoughts pertaining to relationships was formed before your seventh birthday. 

Through energy transference, your emotional imprint was laid down before you consciously participated.  

Everything is energy... Emotion is Energy in MOTION.  

Your emotional energy was in motion before the day of your birth and much of it was transferred to you by the adult men and women who were in your life. Our fullest potential is found in the connection and balancing of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within ourselves.  

Both women and men carry feminine and masculine energy and wisdom. However, sometimes one, or both, of these energies is out of balance, wounded, misunderstood, silenced, disregarded, rejected or disrespected.  

Often, it is the self-created oppression of our own feelings, wisdom, power, beauty, truth or love that is the ultimate betrayal. Regardless of your past experiences and choices, you always have the option of embracing each of these energies where they are, and understanding what they need to become more whole and integrated within you for a more balanced Divine version of yourself. 

With this integration, you are able to create and experience Divinity in your relationships. Understanding, honoring, and aligning with your Divinity - your birthright, your gifts, your purpose and your Divine connection - is crucial to being able to tap into your own individual power to transmute, and transform, your emotional vibration.

The potential for EVERY experience in your life lies within you. To effectively align with, and demonstrate your personal power, you have to know how to unlock and activate it.

Is Your Relationship Creation Positive?

You desire a loving, healthy and positive external relationship but haven't learned how to cultivate an internal relationship that reflects this. Your emotional code and vibrational imprint for relationships is not in aligment with creating the relationship you truly desire, in your heart, to experience. The danger in this scenario is you will draw to yourself WHO and WHAT you are. 

Every relationship you have is an outer reflection of your inner self expression...

  • Infidelity = Dishonoring of self (Sacral chakra)
  • Abuse = Negative self talk and devaluing of self (Solar Plexus) 
  • Mistrust = Unsure of who you are (Heart Chakra)
  • Lack of communication = You don't honor your voice (Throat Chakra)
  • Insecurity = Don't know your self-worth and can't see yourself for who you are (Third Eye Chakra)

All of your relationships have in some shape or form formed your opinion and thoughts concerning yourself. 

Just as you can't cultivate a healthy body without first cultivating healthy conditions within the body, you can't cultivate a healthy external relationship if your internal relationship with self is dysfunctional - disconnected from functioning. 

Your external relationships are a direct reflection of your internal relationship with self.

Do other people's energies affect you?

You might be wondering how you can possibly stay positive around a negative person, or in a chaotic world. 

You have a specific emotional vibration that sends out a specific frequency. That frequency attracts the identical frequency back to you to support where you are emotionally vibrating at. 

Emotion is Energy-in-Motion. Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Your vibration is a fancy way of describing your overall state of being.

You are a transmitter of energy and a receptor to energy.

If you're anything like me, you're sensitive to other people's energy. You can walk into a room and feel what's been going on there. Or when you meet someone, you immediately know what they're about.

This is a real gift, though it does have its challenges, and is often ignored. For me, being sensitive to other people's energy has been a lifelong lesson in boundaries and self-care. I had to learn how to manage my own emotions, and emotional connections, with this gift.

I used to take things very personally. In fact, I took on other people's energy as if it was my own! As an empath I feel people's emotions as if they were my own... does this sound like you??

My guess is that you have some degree of this too. If you've ever struggled with any of the following, then you are most likely an empath too and struggle in relationships:

  • over-giving
  • feeling exhausted after being around negative energy
  • being drained after helping others
  • experiencing dramatic mood shifts
  • wanting to please everyone
  • compassion fatigue

As an empath you have emotional intelligence. When channeled correctly, you have an intuitive awareness that guides you towards having a powerful and profound effect on others. 

If you're unskilled about managing the emotional energy you're receiving, it can wreak havoc on your life.

Your relationships were pre-designed...

Your relationship blueprint is often a duplicate copy, or fragmental portion, of the relationships that you were exposed to as a child. 

This means that most of your relationships are not even designed by you... they are a by-product of a dysfunctional, disempowered and disconnected mass production of faulty core beliefs, experiences and conditioning.  

Once you unlock your own relationship code and learn how to use intention to create your reality, a new manifestation portal for creating healthy, loving and supportive relationships opens up to you...  

  • So, if you're struggling to manifest loving, powerful, fulfilling love connections... 
  • If you have become a hopeless, unromantic, with no hopes of ever being in a happy relationship...
  • If your relationships often turn into a downward spiral of disappointment and frustration...
  • If you constantly worry about whether you will EVER be happy...
  • Or, if you’re fed up, and downright exhausted by putting in all the effort that never seems to be reciprocated...  

These are all signs that your emotional vibration is working against you, operating in resistance, pushing against the natural loving flow of the Universe…

If you’re ready to... 

  • identify your emotional relationship code
  • break the negative code, and 
  • reprogram the code so that you can awaken the enchanting possibility of your Divine Love Power within 



When you don't know how to identify your emotional vibration you can attract, by default, relationships that are out of alignment with what your soul desires, but are in complete alignment with your vibration. Your emotional vibration will attract to you, through your relationships, a similar energy to support your own vibrational frequency.

You are a being that is made up of different energy levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each of these levels has a vibrational frequency, which combine to create your overall vibration of being.

Remember, like attracts like but the good news is...

You can learn how to create positive, powerful and loving relationships so you can experience joy and fulfillment in your relationship connections.  

If you feel depleted by your relationships, it doesn't need to be this way! 

You can find peace and joy now! It's much easier than you think. 

Once you know these simple tools to manage your emotional vibration, you will feel great in all of your relationships.  

Unlocking Your Relationship Code is a 30-day coaching program where you will learn to:  

  • Identify your emotional root core issues and belief systems around relationships and learn how to bring your thoughts into alignment with your true Divine nature
  • Recognize if you are taking on energy and emotions from others and how to cancel, clear and delete it
  • Identify your emotional frequency and vibration and what it's telling you... to run away or run towards it
  • Discover how to avoid the "manifestation contradiction" dilemna many people suffer from
  • Raise your vibration to love, rather than fear and find your winning thoughts that serve your authentic self
  • Reprogram your mind and re-write your beliefs so that you actually become stronger and happier
  • Qualify your relationships so that you form only the perfect partnerships for you
  • Unlock your own Divine relationship code that will create support and connection in relationships, rather than isolation and disconnect
  • Find your own truth and use this to propel you towards attaining your goals (relationship and life)
  • Handle the feeling of being too concerned about what other people think so you can create an environment for perfect relationships to occur
  • Become a magnetic beacon that attracts the right kind of people and experiences to help you get to where you want to be... and much more in addition to 3 FREE bonuses

You will receive life 

With weekly one-on-one coaching support along with weekly audio lessons, guided intentions and powerful techniques, this Divine vibrational experience goes far beyond anything you have connected to before. 

You will have direct access to myself and a divinely powerful community, so you will feel supported as you create powerful, connected and successful relationships in your life every single day.  

Lifetime access to my Unlocking Your Relationship Code program. A 30-day in-depth training program on creating connected relationships and manifesting the life you desire quickly. You'll get five videos per week delivered to your email inbox over the next 30 days so you can begin manifesting what you desire intentionally ($600 value)  

LIVE Q&A sessions weekly. You will receive a weekly email with the day and time of the live group coaching Q&A sessions with access link.  

Step-by-Step techniques for creating more abundance in the areas of your relationships, health, wealth and career  

My Personal Tools & Techniques that I use daily to raise my vibration and manifest intentionally  

Lifetime access to the Conscious Connection Facebook Family (priceless)  

Daily Guidance through video and audio coaching for 30 days  

An unconditional 7-day money back guarantee after the start of the program, so you can be sure this course is a perfect fit for you with no risk on your part  

Create Power in Your Relationships...


Unlocking Your Relationship Code combines ancient wisdom with insight and intuition to help you tap into the power that is, and always was, within you. 

You’ll feel guided every step of the way as Denika helps you uncover your Divine Relationship Vibration and unlock the hidden power to manifestation power in every area of your life. 

Each module of this program is designed to teach you to master the power within you to create heathy, powerful, fulfilling and successful relationships -- both personal and professional

Here's what you'll receive...


Qualifying your relationships will help you to identify the potential of your relationships before you make a commitment to them. In this module you will learn tools and methods to see the quality of your relationships from all angles as well as understand how you can assess how well the relationship aligns with your specific needs and desires. 


Connecting to your Higher Self requires that you intentionally and authentically embrace the purest vibration of love within. During module 2 you will discover what your love vibration truly feels like, and how it functions, so you can raise your vibration anywhere, anytime, in ten minutes or less.


Negative life experiences can create negative subconscious programming. To experience power outside of yourself you need to transform the limiting belief systems that are creating obstacles to attracting success, abundance and joy in your life. During module 3 you will begin to identify the root of your "stinking thinking", so that you can vibrate from a place of power and positivity.


Forgiveness is not something you give to someone else... it's something you DO for yourself. Often forgiveness first requires you forgiving yourself for the things that you gave to yourself. Forgiveness does not change the pain of the past. It fuels the freedom for your future. Owning your part in the process is the first step to forgiving at a soul level.


When you understand that you have the power to design your life, you no longer accept the chips falling as they may. You learn how to place the chips strategically, and intentionally, so that they fall where you want them to. During module 4, you will learn to set specific intentions with regards to what you want to experience in your life... love, success, health, prosperity and abundance.


The relationships in your life are designed to teach, test, strengthen and bring out the best and/or worst in you. By extension your relationships reflect you. We all have a unique relationship code and relationship language. During Module 5 you will learn how to identify your individual relationship code that has been encoded within you, so you can create healthy, functioning relationships at all times.


This book gives practical and sound guidance on how to experience the life that supports your Highest Self. This body of work is a step-by-step instructional guide that will lead you down a path of balance, joy and peace and will show you how to successfully create and achieve your greatest life.

From Vision to Manifestation

You cannot manifest something different if you don't know WHAT you want to manifest. This workbook will assist you in pulling your deepest desires up and out of you so you can transform the mental idea into the physical reality.

Your Life Path Forecast

Your life path number is one of the most powerful numbers in your numerology chart. The Life Path Number is an indicator of incredibly intimate aspects of your personality that will expose the directions most fulfilling to you. Included in this program is your own personal life path forecast that will help you deep-dive into the inner workings of your mind, soul, and the natural facets of your personality that contribute to the success of your relationships.

Transformation Assessment

To gain a clear path of where you want to go in life you first have to identify where you are. This transformation assessment worksheet will help you to identify the current trajectory your life is taking and assist you in clarifying the areas that need to be worked on with more intention. 

So, what does one pay for such a superpower, the ability to tap into the limitless creation potential of the Universe and create the relationships of your dreams?

Because relationships are the very foundation of who we all are, many would argue it’s a priceless gift, one that most people spend their entire life trying to master. 

This program is the manifestation of a 20+ year journey and mission to tap into the DIVINE POWER within all of us through the power of intention. Years of study, intention and prayer has gone into Unlocking Your Relationship Code.

This is by far one of the most comprehensive and transformational programs in our library. This program is for everybody who is ready to tap into their God-given power to create the perfect relationship for themself. 

Unlocking Your Relationship Code is for you if you know that relatioships were designed to be loving, connected, fulfilling and purposeful and you want to learn how to create these types of relationships for yourself, over and over again.

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My personal conviction and soul belief is that you should be able to access your Divine power to create a life of love, abundance, joy and prosperity.  

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Are you ready to be the utmost, fullest expression of your Divine Self and create love, power, joy and fulfillment in your relationships?


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The Ultimate Relationship Interview

How successful do you believe your relationships would be if you knew how to qualify them?

You have a unique Divine path, which means you possess certain gifts, strengths, and weaknesses. Qualifying your relationship prospects gives you the power to create relationships that directly support, complement and strengthen your uniqueness. In this guide you'll find powerful qualifiers tailored to assist you in choosing the right persons to enter into relationships with... both personal and professional. 



Gain Clarity And Understanding  

Understanding HOW you can approach your life, and the circumstances in your life, from a place of power rather than defeat can greatly affect the ultimate outcome.  

You do not have to go through life with unanswered questions... 

During this 30 minute Intuitive Soul Session/Reading you will gain clarity by getting answers to those deep questions contained in your soul.



Close the Door on Emotional Wounds

When we master Divine Love within, we align with the Spirit of life that abides within us all.

In this guide you'll find powerful tools that divert all of your focus from the body, mind and soul and show you how to tap into your pure, Divine nature... LOVE. 

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