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Most people don't understand what's holding them back from their greatest life... 

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Your emotional vibration sets the tone and foundation for your relationships... ALL OF THEM!

When you learn how to identify your emotional vibration and unlock your relationship code you equip yourself to be able to tap into your inner power that will create healthy, loving and successful relationships for you.

Many years ago I had a painful, yet powerful, awareness as it pertains to relationships and that was...  

Every broken relationship is not meant to be fixed.  

I stayed in relationships -- friendships, intimate, personal, professional -- that did not bring me joy, peace, fulfillment or power. I also learned that some relationships that I ran away from, had I paused rather than panicked, I could have created something beautiful in.

Your relationships are a reflection, and an aspect, of you...  

They serve to teach, test, strengthen and bring out the best and/or worst in YOU... ALL of your relationships. 

The truth is, the foundation of who we all are is relationships. Relationships show up in every area of our lives (whether we want them to or not), and are an extremely important part of our life journey. 

In truth, we can't do life without having relationship experiences...  

  • Intimate
  • Friendships
  • Parental
  • Business
  • Social
  • Casual
  • Personal
  • Professional  

At some point in life you come to recognize how important your relationships are to you. It is not possible to do life without doing relationships.  

And hey I know... some relationships we would rather do without right? Been there... done that... still feel that at times! 

But often we try to fix, hold on to, and raise from the dead, situations, circumstances and relationships that God/Spirit/Infinite Intelligence is trying to protect us from, by shutting it down.  

Some of your relationships are causing you more heartache than joy, more pain than pleasure, more stress than security, and more tears than laughter. These types of relationships are dysfunctional, simply meaning they are disconnected from functioning optimally.  

And though these kinds of relationships bring no fulfillment, no amazing, no feelings of connection and no power to you... they can bring power FOR you when you understand their purpose.  

Truthfully, these relationships are the most powerful relationships. 





This Program Includes...

Week 1: Alignment...

  • You are a spiritual being having a human experience but your thoughts get in the way. I will teach you how to bring your thoughts into alignment with your true Divine nature.
  • You will learn how to live in the power of now and release the regret of the past and the fear of the future
  • I will teach you how to identify the existing "emotional patterns" in your life and determine which ones to keep and which to let go... so you can create the results you want faster and with less resistance
  • Should you run away from something? Or should you run towards it? I will teach you how to know whether to stick and stay or put on your sprints and run far away
  • I'll show you the truth about your childhood programming, and how it really does play a role in your life experiences today
  • And much more...

Week 2: Identify Your Desire...

  • I will teach you how to avoid the "manifestation contradiction" dilemma a lot of people are suffering from (where you may desire something, but you may also be sending alternate energies out - hindering you from the results you want)
  • I will train you how to find your "winning thoughts" that serve your authentic self (...and the life that you want to live)
  • I will reveal to you the truth about "patience and manifestation" and "fear and manifestation" - important topics that you really need to understand
  • I will teach you how to re-program your mind (and re-write new beliefs) that actually make you stronger and happier
  • And much more...

Week 3: Own Your Truth...

  • I will guide you through the process of finding your own truth, and how you can use this to propel your energy towards attaining your goals
  • I'll show you how to handle the feeling of being too concerned about what other people think, so you can pave a smoother road for your perfect relationships to occur
  • I will teach you how to attune yourself to the frequency you want (and are) so you can be a vibrational match for all you desire
  • I will train you how to embrace your vulnerability and authenticity - so you become a magnetic beacon that attracts the right kind of people and experiences, all to help you get to where you want to be
  • And much more...

Week 4: Raise Your Vibration...

  • I will teach you how to use the concept of intention to multiply the results you create in life and relationships
  • I will reveal to you how to forgive AND FORGET
  • I will show you how to shift your perception to prevent mishaps from happening to you
  • I will tell you the surefire secret to raise your vibration ten fold (hint: It's not all connected to how you think about things)
  • I will give you a list of activities and practical exercises that not only further expand your vibration but also maintain them
  • And much more...

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When you don't know how to identify your emotional vibration you can attract, by default, relationships that are out of alignment with what your soul desires, but are in complete alignment with your vibration. Your emotional vibration will attract to you, through your relationships, the energy that will support your own vibrational frequency.  

You are a being that is made up of different energy levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each of these levels has a vibrational frequency, which combine to create your overall vibration of being.  

Remember, like attracts like but the good news is...  

You can learn how to create positive, powerful and loving relationships so you can experience joy and fulfillment in all of your relationship connections.  

If you currently feel depleted by your relationships, it doesn't need to be this way!  

You can find peace and joy now! It's much easier than you think.  

Once you know these simple tools to manage your emotional vibration, you will feel great in all of your relationships.  

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Most people struggle with transformational and self-development programs because of one main thing…ENVIRONMENT.  

Have you ever heard the quote by Jim Rohn: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with" ?

…But what if those people closest to you, your friends, family members, and people in your current social circle, are just not SUPPORTIVE of your new desires for your life?

What if you are just on a completely different level than they are... and have a different destination in mind for your life?

It's difficult to receive support from people who don't understand, or get, your vision for your own life.

That’s why I put the “Soulful Connections” Facebook Family together. 

I honestly considered the idea of charging monthly for this support...

Then, when I considered the positive impact that powerful connections have on people’s lives… 

How much we can learn from being connected with others who share our experiences... 

The lifelong connections and friends you can make from such a support group…  

The much needed ongoing daily support and motivation you get from this type of group…  

The accountability and support you get from fellow “Divine PowHERful Beings” who readily cheer you on, because they’ve been where you are…  

The inspiration and motivation you get from being able to see the lives of others change on a daily basis…  

All of this… This entire environment… This entire SOULFUL FAMILY CONNECTION…  

It’s exactly what I DESIRED and LONGED FOR back when I first started out on my Divine Awakening journey.  

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IN SUMMARY: This course will teach you everything you need to know about releasing what no longer serves you, becoming not only free, but liberated, consciously connecting to, and creating, successful relationships and manifesting the kind of life you’ve always dreamed about... AND DESERVE TO HAVE!


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