Rejection Survival Kit

Denika Carothers teaches you powerful practices for being PowHERful in every area of your life... Finances, Relationships, Emotions, Spiritual, Health. She is a master at helping you see a FRESH perspective.

This is a program about HOW to release rejection and abandonment energy and Reclaim your Divine Feminine PowHER. Rejection creates obstacles to you being your best EVERY single day. My Rejection Survival Kit will help you if you struggle with any of the following:

  • You often feel lonely and alone
  • You hesitate to let people into your circle 
  • You keep people at a distance
  • If you date or open up to people, you avoid close connections
  • You do what you feel you can to protect yourself against the rejection at all costs
  • You wrestle with comparison... you are always compared to others, or you compare yourself with others
  • You "try" to forgive but "you'll NEVER forget"
  • You don't feel "good enough"
  • You feel like your dreams don't matter and nobody will support you in them, so you keep them to yourself, or don't dare to dream

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  • Vision to Manifestation workbook 
  • Who in the Hell Do you THINK You Are eBook 
  • 4 Rejection Recovery Classes 
  • 2 LIVE group coaching sessions
  • 2 LIVE Q&A sessions 
  • Access to exclusive support community

Reclaim Your Divine Feminine PowHER and release rejection and abandonment so that you can create the life you desire and DESERVE!

Rejection Survival Kit - Value $1200 Your Price: $297.00 USD

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