Divine Feminine PowHER

You have to own it to disown it... 

The pain and challenges that you experience in life can create energetic blocks and programming that keep you stuck in limiting and frustrating patterns and cycles. Unless these blocks are identified, faced (confronted) and erased (released) you may remain bound in relationships, situations, circumstances and fears that will diminish your Divine PowHER and create obstacles and limitations to success, well-being, peace, happiness, joy and abundance.

You have to Face it to Erase it... 

Facing the shit in your life can be very scary, however if you are not willing to clean it up the only one who continues to be affected by it's effects is you. And let me tell you another scary thing about patterns and cycles... 

They tend to get passed on to your children and your children's children, and, unless healed and released, they can create for your bloodline the same pain and frustration that you experienced. And I know you don't wish to pass that on...

The Good News is... 

The power to undo and REDO lies within YOU. It's never to late to create the life that you desire to live. Being willing to take the necessary steps towards doing so puts you in prime position to powerfully and purposefully transform your life, and manifest abundance, joy, success, power, peace, and all the amazing things that you desire for yourself!

You DESERVE the most amazing life and I want to help you access it... 

Are you ready to clear the emotional and energetic baggage and blockages that could be limiting you from your greatness? 

Join me and let's uncover every obstacle and energetic block, and face it head on with the intention to erase any and everything that is creating an obstacle to you being your most PowHERful, Amazing and Limitless Divine self!

What: 30 day LIVE Online Challenge

When: May 6 - June 5th, 2019 @ 6pm CST/7pm EST (10 mins a day)

Where: Facebook Live (The link will be emailed to you after registration.)

Why: You deserve to live your best life starting TODAY!

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Dr. Kanisha Frazier

"She sees you when you find it hard to see yourself. I found her on google and the correct words are really that I was drawn to her from the very beginning. When you meet her, you’ll know why. Don’t delay, allow her to help you open your heart and soul to your light."

Kelly Matthews  

"I am so thankful for Denika coming into my life at the right time. You are my angel from heaven. You are showing me a way I never thought possible. I know now I am on the right path of my life's purpose."

Shon Williams  

“Denika is more than just a 5 STAR RATING!!! She continues to come highly recommended and I concur with the UNIVERSE!!!!!! This phenomenal being will help you define who you are and your purpose. She is positive energy that is very exuberant and her presence is definitely felt whether it’s a one to one or a group of individuals she is engaging with. Even when you feel you don’t have a purpose in life, a passion, gifts, or talents, she is able to help you find your true meaning of self, and help you to LIVE in your purpose and even ignite what already exists in you. She helps you see your greatness.”  

Anne Willey  

"Denika has truly embraced her calling and has a divine way of connecting with people. She can help anyone to embrace their true self and to, as she puts it, "walk in their own power" with greater purpose and intent in their life. Much Love for You Denika!!"

Charity Selvey  

"She is in tune, insightful and a spiritual breath of fresh air. If you're ready to step into your purpose and get some guidance on that, and support in attaining your goals, she's definitely the person to help you."

Lisbet Newton  

"There are no words to describe the experience or better stated, the shift, that occurred in my life after working with Denka. She guided me to realize that I was not living within my life purpose and I began the process of asking the questions that came out of our session. I am now on a path that is filled with passion and purpose. I recommend Denika to everyone that I know and don't know."