Breakup to BREAKOUT

Imagine making one small change that completely alters every area of your life...

Has a breakup left you down and out and finding it difficult to regroup and focus on your future? 

Are you finding it a challenge to reconnect to yourself because insecurities are tearing you up on the inside?

When you feel disconnected within you struggle to feel happy, whole and complete. You may find that you are experiencing this feeling of disconnect in every area of your life...

Your relationships... your career... your health, your finances and yes even your spiritual connection will all feel like something is missing when you are experiencing disconnect within. 

The challenge then becomes trying to pacify this internal disconnect externally. 

You may try shop therapy... rebound relationships... turning to substances to numb out... even attempting to tune out the emotion that you feel...

And this may work for a week, or even a month, but because you don't FEEL good within, the pacification of the external will eventually wear off and the internal emptiness that you feel in your soul, will again rise to the surface.  

You will find yourself spending, yet again, on the "stuff" for another external fix but the internal is where you need to be investing.  

Feeling disconnected, empty, unfulfilled, and discontent within, will cause you to make poor choices in your life, especially where it pertains to your relationships.  

And can I be honest with you?  

You will never be able to connect to what you are seeking outside of yourself if you don't know how to connect to it within yourself.  

A breakup often leaves us feeling dejected and rejected. Rejection is a very painful emotion that when left unmanaged and unaddressed will affect you at a soul level.

Rejection is stored in the subconscious mind, in your soul, and it has an effect in creating your life, whether you are aware of it or not.  

Rejection is more than just an emotion. It's an energy that is ever moving and this energy takes root in your soul.  

Emotions are energy in motion...  

Unresolved emotions become stuck... Stuck emotions become fears... Fears become crippling factors that create obstacles to you living the life that, deep in your soul, you desire to have.  

When you deal with the issues of rejection and abandonment, you tend to seek for external validation... whether from God/Spirit/Source or from other people.  

However, on a deeper level, because you are disconnected from the love within, you never truly feel validated or accepted.  

Tapping Into the Love Within...


When you don't know how to love yourself, you never truly feel loved by others. Oh you may experience what feels like love for a short period of time, but eventually, if you don't learn to love yourself, the doubts creep back in and the feelings of "not enough" resurface.  

When my own personal rejection was uncovered over 20 years ago, it was seen as an octopus with very thick tentacles that were rooted in my soul. At the time, I was told by Spirit that the releasing of this rejection would not happen overnight... that it was going to be a spiritual surgical process.  

It was quite a lengthy process and I was terrified to confront my emotional pains in the beginning. However, the journey of pushing past the fear and connecting to the true, authentic me, was well worth the effort and one of the best decisions I ever made.  

My Divine journey towards Purpose...

My rejection issues, like most, began as a child. The results were insecurity, not feeling like I was ever "enough" and I was afraid of being seen. I realized in my healing process that I subconsciously pushed away what I truly desired to have, because I never felt that I was worthy of having it in the first place. And so I refused to put myself "out there" for a long time. And even if I was out there, I was guarded.

I was afraid to be judged and afraid to be rejected by more people than I had already felt rejected by.

But a Divine calling - a Purpose - on my life demanded that I be front and center. This calling demanded that I transcend my fear, unleash my full potential and walk in my Divine Feminine PowHER. 

This calling was not about me... 

The gift and the power within me, was about the thousands of women that I had been called to help navigate through, and overcome, their own issues of rejection and abandonment so they too could walk in PowHER and Purpose. 

And you want to know the crazy thing... I received this call when I was 23 years old. 

At the time I was married to my first husband but raising my children as if I was a single mother. I was emotionally broken and my marriage was dysfunctional, but I was afraid to walk away.

I was lonely, emotionally I was a mess and I just wanted to disappear, figuratively and literally. But I had these two amazing children ages 2 years and 3 months at the time, and I knew that I needed to figure it all out. 

Creator God knows what we need to get us to where we are called to be.

I chose the path of entrepreneurship mainly so I would be able to be present for my children. My first business of nail technology thrived. At just 24 years old I had a successful business, two beautiful children who I absolutely adored, but my heart was broken and my mind was confused with alot of "why" questions, and negative thoughts. And even though I was showing up every day, I was still afraid of how I was being seen and judged by others.

But I had a motivation and reason bigger than me...

I wanted to give my children a different reality from the one that I had experienced growing up. If it was possible to change the trajectory of their lives by changing the trajectory of mine, I just knew that I needed to figure out how to overcome the fear of rejection, walk in PowHER and purpose and intentionally create the life that I desired for myself and them.

I was determined to breakout!

From Breakup and Breakdown (literally) to Breakout...  

My marriage eventually ended and my new life of being a single mother gave me a determination to figure this shit out, no matter what. After overcoming health issues, depression, anger and despair, I tapped into the strength and PowHER that I always knew existed within me.

You are probably at a place in your life where you are feeling a need to move past the surface level healing and address your feelings of insecurity and rejection at a soul level. You may even be acknowledging that it's necessary to face the s#!t in your life head on.

It's time for you to identify and acknowledge whether the people, places and things in your life are adding to your joy and peace or subtracting from it.  

You know that you were created for more. 

It's time for you to come face to face with yourself and understand how you are creating your experiences in life so that you can PowHERup through the pain and disappointment and create the life you desire to live intentionally, rather than continuing to live your life in default.  

Let's just be honest...  

You are connected to some relationships and situations that are not serving your joy, peace or success. You recognize that you need to do some soul searching and shift some things in order to welcome newness in your life. It's time to shed the old in order to replenish your life with newness.  

The good news is... Rejection Can Be Released! There is Breakthrough on the other side of a breakup. And I can help you get there.  

When your relationships are out of sync this can affect other areas of your life as well, including your career and business.  

A chance to reinvent yourself...

I took the chance and the opportunity to reinvent myself. I had to be open to the Higher aspect of myself.

Right now, you have an opportunity to reinvent yourself and learn a valuable skill that will propel you beyond and above any limitations and obstacles in your life.

And what a joy it is... creating the life you desire and deserve to live without fear of rejection, without fear of obstacles, without fear of failure.

Once you learn how to do this you can do and accomplish anything.

Right now you may be feeling... 

  • Broken
  • Lonely
  • Unworthy
  • Depressed
  • Anxious
  • Unloved
  • Disappointed
  • Insecure
  • Afraid

The good news is that you have an opportunity, right now, to breakout and breakthrough every feeling that is limiting you from fulfilling your dreams and desires.

There has never been a better time to put your future squarely in your own hands and master a skill that will equip you to design your life intentionally and break free of all obstacles that are blocking your path.

You have an opportunity to learn how to set your soul free so that you can live a life that is filled with joy, peace, PowHER, abundance and success. Starting today, you can design your life intentionally and participate 100% in living the life that you have dreamed of living.

Imagine being able to tap into the love within... align yourself with purpose... realize your full potential... travel as you've always wanted... and to live, love and laugh every day of your life...

As an Awakened, Divine, PowHERful being, there are no limits to what you can create and manifest in your life.

But here's why now is the ideal time to see if From Breakup/Breakdown to BREAKTHROUGH is for you.

“Denika is more than just a 5 STAR RATING!!! 

She continues to come highly recommended and I concur with the UNIVERSE!!!!!! This phenomenal being will help you define who you are and your purpose. She is positive energy that is very exuberant and her presence is definitely felt whether it’s a one to one or a group of individuals she is engaging with. Even when you feel you don’t have a purpose in life, a passion, gifts, or talents, she is able to help you find your true meaning of self, and help you to LIVE in your purpose and even ignite what already exists in you. She helps you see your greatness.” -Shon Williams

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The Pursuit of Purpose...

If you are still reading this, I am willing to bet that you are a spiritually focused female who knows that you are destined to live a life of purpose and you are READY to create that life.

You may already an entrepreneur, have a thriving career or you have a burning desire to launch your own business and have the freedom and flexibility to create the life you desire to live.

You acknowledge that you have a Divine gift, a Higher calling and potential, and you are ready to walk PowHERfully in your purpose.

You are ready to love yourself fully and live a life where fear no longer controls the decisions that you make.

Your soul is calling you forth to walk in the amazing, PowHERful, limitless potential that is within you. Your birthright is success, love, joy, peace, liberty, abundance and PowHER!

From Breakup/Breakdown to BREAKOUT is designed to help you:

  • Connect to who you REALLY are and what you truly DESIRE
  • Learn how to love yourself and know your value and worth.
  • Move past the fear of hearing "no" into the expectancy of "YES"
  • Identify the Lessons in your relationship experiences (personal and professional) so you can use them as fuel to propel you
  • Release the Negative Thought Programming that has created obstacles, limitations and struggle and use your thoughts to Manifest opportunities and people who desire to connect with you
  • Access the Divine Power Principle so you can create intentionally rather than living in default
  • Awaken to, and tap into, your purpose while harnessing the power of your Divine Feminine
  • Master the power of manifestation and bring your dreams and desires from the journal and vision board to reality

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Client Reviews

“Denika is very passionate about helping women to understand that they truly have Divine Feminine Power. In my case she got straight to the root of what's going on with me. She doesn't allow me to make excuses or blame others. She is helping me face myself. And in a short time I realize that I am an amazing woman and very capable of exerting my spiritual gifts to live a joy filled, wealthy, healthy and abundant life."  

- Wanda Luckett

“I have made some major shifts in my life after only 3, yes 3 sessions with Denika. If you are committed to doing the work, the sky is the limit!!”  

- Shellyann Thompson

“Webster truly didn't create the words to express my gratitude for you. For years I've been an arrogant asshole. Within the 4 mos of working with you...I have TRULY shifted. My mindset about my gift, my Love, my finances... There are no words..”  

- Misti Buard

Your breakout is on the other side of this course! My breakthrough methods are powerful, tested and proven to get you winning results instantly and improve your business and life. From Breakup/Breakdown to BREAKTHROUGH will equip you to master every area of your life. You will receive genuine support and insight guaranteed to put you on top! 

Ready to BREAKOUT, Reclaim your Divine PowHER and walk in power and Purpose so that you can be the Spiritually Focused (SUCCESSFUL) Female you desire to be?

Let me introduce myself...

I am Denika Carothers, Creator of From Breakup/Breakdown to BREAKTHROUGH, Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach, Womb Energy Specialist, Energy Healer and PowHERful Manifesting Expert. I work with amazing, talented and purpose-filled women (and men) helping them to tap into the PowHER within. By confronting, and releasing, the pain and energy of rejection and abandonment, I show you how to transform the pain of your past, into a life filled with PowHER and Purpose. 

My clients become PowHERful Awakened Women as I teach them to how to tap into the power of their womb chakra and Awaken to their Divine Feminine. Through my Divine Feminine Awakening courses and programs, I have helped women worldwide unleash their Divine Feminine PowHER, walk in Purpose and effectively manifest and create their desires... loving, connected relationships, more money, freedom, success... anything.

I will support you as I guide you out of the pain of rejection and disappointment, into your PowHer Place. If transformation and transcendence is what you desire, then I AM the coach for you.

Ready to go From Breakup/Breakdown to BREAKOUT?